Elliot Dinetz, M.D. ABFM, ABAARM, FAAMM
specialist in Functional Medicine

As a Center For Integrative Medicine, we take a deeper look into each patient, focusing on the whole-body function for restorative health and longevity.
Elliot Dinetz M.D.

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Uncover what’s right for your unique body through precision and functional medicine. We personalize care based on thorough advanced testing and genetic evaluation,
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Integrative modern medicine

Discover the benefits of our cutting-edge approach through the testimonials of patients who got the answers they were looking for.

I am grateful to Dr. Elliot Dinetz.  His approach to functional medicine is refreshing and he will stop at nothing to help his patients.  I really feel lucky to have someone like him in my corner.
Nikko T.
Personalized Medicine
Access to Advanced Diagnosis
Minimize Prescription Drugs
DNA Evaluation
Concierge Medicine
IV Therapy
Natural Medical-Grade Supplements
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How we work

Whether it’s an individual consultation or a fully personalized plan, we help you achieve your health goals.

  • Extensive visits to uncover the root of your health issues and risk factors.
  • Explore gut health, hormone balance, and benefits of optimal immune function.
  • Access to advanced testing: from DNA to biomarkers of aging, hormones assessment, as well as early signs of aging.
Elliot Dinetz M.D.
We are proud to be Miami’s leading certified functional medical practice, utilizing a whole-body comprehensive approach. Our treatments involve both leading-edge and organic therapies to make you feel better and slow aging at every stage.
“Very detailed and thorough physician.  Especially talented in integrative medicine techniques.  I am a plastic surgeon in Miami Beach and I trust him to take care of my VIP aesthetic surgery patients and maintain long term results.  I even trust him to take care of me!”
Tarik Husain
“Dr. Dinetz is as thorough as he is professional. Highly recommend your services to anyone seeking the highest level of care and follow up.”
“Excellent and caring physician! Very passionate and knowledgeable all aspects of functional medicine. I would highly recommend Dr. Dinetz!!.”
TL Halland
“I had an EKG done and Dr. Dinetz not only made me feel comfortable throughout the test and with the results, he also educated me throughout the process and he put together a custom supplement package based on my blood work that above all else has helped my restlessness. His care has so far been excellent..”

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Wholeheartedly healthy... mentally, physically, and spiritually.
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