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The cutting edge of medical technology, unlocking valuable insights into their health and enabling proactive prevention.

It's no secret that high blood pressure is a major health risk for many Americans. Fortunately, technology has enabled us to stay on top of our vital stats like never before with the help of medical grade wearable and trackers. Monitor your 24-hour blood pressure, it might be the key step in keeping healthy life.

We already have data for your heart rate variability, how quickly you recover, oxygen saturation and lung function with wearables. This is pushing medicine forward to incredible new heights. The future is tech in medicine and we are going to be able to help diagnose and treat people even earlier as a result... right from the comfort of their home.

We at our practice have taken this to the next level. We have just introduced our newest test, the 24 hour blood pressure monitor at home wearable. This FDA approved physician clinical tool is the gold standard in not only understanding your blood pressure, but what hidden factors may drive it. Blood pressure is one of the biggest warning signs our body gives off that something is wrong. That there exists a potential threat or many threats to our health.

This helps to uncover conditions ranging from sleep apnea, nutrient deficiencies, and even to the impact of stress on the body while determining what treatment and supplements that may help benefit you and your cardiovascular system. It can eliminate wrong diagnosis’s of high blood pressure and even help monitor your health progress on personalized treatment. Having single blood pressure readings is not nearly capable of this.

Now we have the technology to do so conveniently and in the comfort of your own home to help make huge strides in restorative health. Many people normally go through life without knowing they have these underlying problems often called ‘silent killers’, this may help prevent that.

Check in with our team for more info and see if you’re a candidate for the ABPM 24 hour blood pressure wearable test.

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