Beyond conventional medicine.
As a wellness and longevity medical center we provide personalized leading edge care, not the standard of care.

To provide the highest quality of care we are out of network with all insurance and advise patients to maintain a primary care physician.


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Discover what is needed to optimize your health and what next steps will get you there.
Work with the doctor 1-on-1 at achieving your goals beyond simply symptom management.  
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How it Works

Select the best plan that fits your health needs.
In order to provide unrestricted optimal care we are out of network with insurance.
Initial Consultation $599

Health Assessment


This detailed Functional Medicine evaluation will measure your current health and body function. You will see where you stand with regard to optimal health and wellness and a path forward.

+ Wellness & lifestyle evaluation
+ Medical Nutrition discussion
+ Advanced Physical Exam
+ Urinalysis and organ function
+ EKG and Lung Function >50
+ Nitric Oxide and pH testing

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Precision Plan

Wellness Program

Personalized health and wellness plus frequent follow up care. Our advanced testing and preventive screening offer next-level medicine with optimal results.

+ All visits including telemedicine
+ Initial and quarterly advanced labs
+ Wellness & lifestyle medicine
+ Hormone therapy, IV's, or peptides

+ Supplements & nutraceuticals
+ Discounted advanced testing
+ Email communication with doctor

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Elite Longevity

Concierge Executive Plan

Our premiere program. This incorporates all comprehensive testing, your genetic blueprint for longevity, and anything you will need to succeed in living better, longer.

+ Decoding your DNA for Longevity
+ Personalized advanced labs
+ Full Body imaging, no radiation
+ Concierge House Calls
+ Personal Health coach
+ Any treatment needs
+ Liquid biopsy, early cancer screen
+ Personalized supplements
+ Direct communication with doctor

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Of the highest grade, our supplements are curated by Dr. Dinetz. We customize these based on our patients nutrition, history, and genetic needs

Love Dr. Dinetz's personalized supplements. The convenient pill packs make them easy to take and travel with. I feel more energy and nourished with my busy schedule.
Adam R. - Miami FL

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We are a private medical practice out of network with insurance in order to provide the best leading edge care available. Are you ready to take control of your health?