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What are the top 5 benefits of using greens powder?

Detoxifying your body, Cleaning out toxins, Increasing nutrient intake, Alleviating constipation, etc...
Generally, "greens powder” refers to a mix with dehydrated, crushed and dried greens or juiced and powdered greens. Popular green ingredients are spinach, kale, broccoli, collards, parsley, sewed; spirulina and chlorella, loaded in nutrients and facilitate detoxification. Also there are grasses like barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa leaf etc..Occasionally these green powders also include antioxidants from nutritional extracts, fruits and even probiotics. 

What are the benefits of greens powder? 

It’s no secret that most of our diets aren’t optimal. A fast-paced lifestyle means less whole foods and less time around the family table. A quality greens powder can provide phytochemical and antioxidants to bolster your immune system, soothe your digestive system, and calm your nervous system. Vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium are all found in leafy greens and are all nourishing for the bodies cellular processes. 

The reason this is so important today is that as a physician I see countless people deficient in these key nutrients of which is a huge cause of chronic disease. They either don’t get enough green vegetables in their diet which should be at least 6-8 servings per day or they consume inorganic vegetables, devoid of many of such nutrients often in processed foods.

For those who cannot get the adequate amount of organic greens daily the solution of greens powder may serve as an adjuvant or supplement for them. Rather than a replacement it might help people achieve the daily goal of servings easier.

Green vegetable consumption also Improves pH balance. When a person’s pH is too acidic as a result of over consumption of amino acids from animal protein and not enough of green vegetables, this environment will increase the risk for health conditions. For example cancer’s and inflammation thrive in acidic environments.

Best practices/recommendations for taking greens powder? 

Look for a greens powder that is labeled organic and Non GMO. 

Allergen Free meaning no gluten dairy egg or soy added.

Alfalfa is often genetically modified, and spinach is a crop that can be sprayed with heavy amounts of pesticides. We also recommend sticking to a greens powder that has less than 10 ingredients. While your greens powder theoretically can serve as your multivitamin, too many ingredients can cause some stomach upset or brain fog, and it’s too difficult to screen out what ingredient might be causing discomfort when your greens powder has 75 ingredients. 

Start low and slow. I recommend starting with a quarter scoop of greens powder in some organic almond or oat milk to see how your digestive system adjusts to the greens. If you’re not used to eating greens in your diet, the powder can cause some digestive discomfort.

It’s wise to have a bit of food with your greens powder too, to aid absorption and keep your stomach settled. Any whole food will do. Pick a greens powder that does not contain sugar or fake sugar.

A bit of stevia is usually well tolerated, but with greens powder you are looking for nourishment and not a shot of liquid sugar which is an anti nutrient.

What to look for when shopping for greens powder (brand qualifications/ sourcing/etc) 

Look for a brand that proudly proclaims to be organic and Non GMO. 

Ideally, you’ll want to source a brand that has been manufactured in your country of residence and GMP facility ( Good Manufacturing Practices )

Is greens powder safe?

Greens powder is safe as long as it is sourced well. Some greens powders have been shown to contain heavy metals like lead. Greens like kale and alfalfa might have chelating properties. If the soil in which they are grown contains heavy metals, the plants can possibly absorb those metals.

Use caution and start low and slow. Watch and track for any symptoms you might experience. For the most part, greens powders are safe and can be part of a wholistic wellness plan. When in doubt, eat the real food or you connect with a nutritionist, Doctor or Health Coach to help you find a personalized solution.

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