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Sleep might be the key that opens up your potential.

Sleep impacts our moods and affects everything from weight loss to mental clarity and it does so much more than just make us feel tired! We spend 1/3 of our lives in sleep which may make or break us in terms of health.
Key hormones are produced during sleep, particularly Growth Hormone (GH). GH helps us repair physical damages we are exposed to during our day to day lives. Also known as the youth hormone or anti aging hormone, this keeping us feeling and looking young and maintaining optimal metabolism. 

Sleep has 4 main stages. It is critical for hormone release that we have deep sleep during both stages 3 and 4, when this hormone is released, so in other words 1/2 the duration we sleep.People who don’t get adequate sleep are noted not only to feel more sluggish but test lower in these hormones and have health consequences associated with such. Without adequate sleep, cortisol, our stress hormone also goes up. When this hormone rises so does our blood sugar, hence why poor sleep is a risk factor for diabetes as well as aging.

2. It seems like everyone I know has experimented with memory foam in some way. Does memory foam offer users better sleep than traditional mattresses do? Are there any actual studies on this? What about memory foam pillows?

Memory foam according to experts it doesn’t bring major benefits over conventional mattresses and it traps heat and contains environmental toxins. They are typically made of polyurethane (found in plastic and various products) that can emit Off-gasing, VOCs, harmful petrochemicals that cause respiratory irritation or other health problems; flame retardant chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption and adverse effects on the immune system. Foam by itself is a heating surface, which promotes elevated temperatures during sleep and makes your body sweat, this raise in temperature can facilitate release of these chemicals during night time. Memory Foam also prevents you from moving much at night which can trap heat.

We recommend to stick with 95+ % certified organic materials like Wool and cotton. Look for Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, certification. 

3. If not memory foam, what are some of the latest mattress styles and mattress or pillow tech emerging that might help someone develop healthier sleep patterns? Or get the best rest? Do hybrid foam mattresses work well for any of this, for example? Latex is one of the high-quality materials as well as wool and organic cotton.  Naturally conformed, helps your body temperature cool down and the environment around you is non-chemical. The price tag is also related to it’s benefits, but if we spend 1/3 of the time sleeping, let’s make the best of it. 

Look for Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, certification. 

For healthier sleep, grounding sleep therapy can have multiple benefits—including improved quality of sleep and reduced pain—sleeping with a conductive grounding mattress cover helps balance the bodies electrochemical charge with the earth’s surface similar to how a grounding wire on a home is purposed. This aids in balancing our bodies electrical physiology after routine exposure to radiation. This has been shown to reduce inflammation and symptoms associated with chronic illness’ which have been published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in recent years.

4. Friends of mine complain their mattresses overheat, preventing them from sleeping or waking them up at night. Are there mattresses that don’t do this? Is there special cooling technology (like copper) in the new mattresses that readers should be aware of? If not mattresses, what else is out there? 

Breathable organic cotton followed by comfort layers of wool help lowers temperature which should be free of chemicals and ideally made of sustainable ingredients. 

Latex + Copper mattress pads have properties of heat conduction which may help lower your body temperature while you sleep.

Typically cooler temperatures can facilitate REM sleep (deep dreaming sleep) to feel rested and be healthy. Maintaining good ventilation with fresh air and limiting the amount of covers so you are not sweating at night or waking up as thirsty. According to sleep experts, choosing a mattress is very personalized and noted that a middle ground is often what experts recommended; not to hard not too soft.

5. What sleeping positions or mattresses are best for back pain? Light sleepers? Etc?

If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you’ll want a mattress that aligns your spine and supports your neck which a memory foam may help.
Sleep apnea: adjustable bed can be good if head raise is warranted. Elevation towards 45 degrees can help with certain obstructive sleep apnea, heartburn and heart failure conditions.

Asthma or allergies: something hypoallergenic and certainly 95+% certified organic materials that will not exacerbate these and allow for the body to properly heal.

6. Do mattresses that come from a box really offer the best sleeping arrangements for users? In other words, are they really as good as a Traditional mattress?

Unlikely, this means they have a higher content of synthetic compressible materials.

Mattress that come in a box can have their issues. According to Chiromatic, the support and borders of the mattress that come in a box could be less stable than traditional mattresses. The easy-convenient to ship thereby offer less support.

7. What is your opinion on weighted blankets or adjustable bed frames? Do these really offer relaxation?

Adjustable frames are great for those who need to be elevated head above heart such as COPD, bad acid reflux, or congestive heart failure. According to subjective reports, weighted blankets have shown to help in those suffering with anxiety and depression have a feeling and sense of security. It makes people feel like they are being hugged and calmer which have improved sleep as well. It is important to weigh the benefit vs risk of overheating as mentioned which may compromise sleep.  

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