Living in a city like Miami; a warm moist climate susceptible to mold can be of concern.  Air conditioning system fails, water leaks, or lack of good maintenance may be a concern for potential moisture to grow and subsequent infestation in your home or office.

With my training and work experience in urgent care, I have come across mold toxicity a number of times in the past and see how often this condition goes undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed.

How do you know you should be concerned?

There are many non-specific symptoms for mold exposure making it difficult to diagnose and often gloss over by practitioners. Often symptoms are pinned to allergies or upper respiratory tract infections. What improves the diagnosis is good history taking by the doctor, often relying on some form of possible exposure.  If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, focus or concentration issues, lethargy, dry unremitting cough with shortness of breath, urination frequency, and thirst, itchy skin, red or irritated eyes, ice pick headache or joint pains, these are among the more common symptoms noted.  If such generalized symptoms don’t seem to go away or are inefficiently treated, it may be of benefit to see an integrative physician readily familiar with this condition and how to appropriately manage it.   This is particularly why I always encourage all people to follow up closely with their practitioners to ensure the appropriate care is always given.

I encourage everyone to get a local mold testing company to assess your situation if there is a concern. This could help prevent a slippery slope of health issues and allow you to keep on the course of living healthy and productive lives 🙂  All the best, Dr. D