Having Low Testosterone, or low T, as its referred, is an increasingly hot topic. The goals of increasing muscle and libido, as well as lowering fat and fatigue, are among the more desired effects along with the crucial benefits of helping preserve brain functioning with aging. Its uses for anti aging purposes as well continue to grow, while the knowledge of it’s safety does too.In proceeding with optimizing your hormone levels, there are a few new exciting ways to proceed.

Men: In younger patient populations and those with borderline levels, newer treatments now help stimulate your own production of testosterone if you are in fact low and symptomatic. These include Clomiphene and HCG, for example.  Often this may delay the need for actual testosterone which often result in making people dependent on it. These T boosters help stimulate the production pathway which may have decreased over time.  This approach has shown to be helpful in conjunction with T replacement as well in preventing excessive doses and the long term side effects on testicle size and function. Recent studies have also reviewed the safety of it’s uses over time.

Women:  In women, the key is hormone balance. In conjunction with estrogen and progesterone functioning at optimal levels, T plays an important role in many of the same ways it does in men. Sexual libido, sense of well-being, and bone integrity especially in post menopausal women are some very important roles. We are seeing the most success clinically when women patients have all of these hormones in sync. There are supplements which too may help balance the different hormones, particularly T levels whether increased or low.  It is a more dynamic management than in men given more interplay of hormones and once levels are optimized, we see some of the most satisfied patients.

An important factor to mention in both genders is addressing reversible causes.  Many factors including decreased liver function, obesity, stressors and inflammation (both physical and mental) interfere with this. Micro-nutrient and vitamin deficiencies are being seen as another major factor; particular diets like the standard american diet have known to contribute to these deficiencies. With appropriate correction these can help modify one’s own natural production of hormones and even delay the need for chronic therapy, rejuvenating your health.

The ideal approach to anyone is to take the whole patient profile into account, not simply following protocols as many T clinics popping up unfortunately do. This will achieve the optimal and safest results with patients feeling a sense of vitality and rejuvenation. Here we approach every patient with a personalized hormone replacement therapy.