Each unique person’s health is affected differently based on our genomics. With the ability to determine your risks and appropriately supplement, alter lifestyle, and detox, we can maximize your metabolism & give your body what it needs while preventing accelerated aging.


As we age, our hormone production declines considerably with each decade of life.  This has been linked to many age related health conditions. The major impact of low testosterone is it’s effect on energy levels, cognition, physical appearance, obesity with age, and libido.  Restoring this balance with Bioidentical hormones and natural hormone boosters can improve vitality and slow the aging process.

Optimizing these levels in both men and women may further help improve healing, vitality and even extend longevity. These are some of the greatest fears of aging and one’s you may live without.




This hormone regulates your metabolism and so much more. From helping maintain hair follicles and skin looking youthful, to protecting your weight and heart function; this hormone is crucial for your day to day functions. Maximizing nutrient support for its function is crucial while checking if anything like heavy metals or stress is negatively affecting it. This may also be a cause to other hormone deficiencies and be affected by stress and adrenal dysfunction.


Using cutting edge and highly effective parameters, we have the ability to achieve speedy recover from injuries and improve muscle to weight ratio through customized nutrition and peptide therapy. We are able to offer the gift of optimal strength and performance while riding the body of harmful toxins and metabolites that accumulate over time affecting performance and energy. See what your body needs, so we may help you achieve greatness.


This practice offers advanced testing and state of the art health rejuvenation beyond anything available in standard health care.  With thorough and comprehensive visits Dr. Dinetz helps customize plans geared towards your health goals and longevity.  This state of the art approach is proactive in helping identify potential genetic risks and hormone imbalances that may affect healthspan.  Our therapies to lessen inflammation, boost mental capacity, address nutritional deficiencies, and turn back the clock all while curing the fears of getting older.  Our unique approach uses the most up to date advances in natural, hormonal, and complementary therapies proven to be safer than most pharmaceuticals while promoting health and wellness.

With our approach we can naturally help reverse health issues and slow the aging process from it’s source.


With age, everyone’s bone density drops, but for us it certainly doesn’t have to. We identify and balance the common hormone issues, micronutrient deficiencies, and inflammatory causes of this so you don’t have to be on the toxic medication alternatives.



Welcome to you at your very best.

Together with cosmetic surgeons we have developed the Cosmetic & Longevity Program.  This protocol customizes a plan for you beginning at the preoperative stage to maximize your healing and results.  From here we help rejuvenate your metabolism for years to come to achieve optimal health and long lasting results.