Imagine knowing what diet is ideal for your body type, what lifestyle and exercise your body would most benefit from, and what health conditions you can safely help avoid. This is the most advanced and practical approach to medicine we have seen. This technology is now available as DNA testing helping physicians and patients together make chronic conditions a thing of the past.

Is our health the single most important aspect in life? Customizing health plans to each unique person using the help of advanced genetic testing is now the key. We may personalize total body health and wellness having at our disposal the ability to target risk factors, uncover health advantages, and create a blueprint for your optimal health and longevity. 

As a speaker at the annual AMMG conference this past week, one of the largest medical conferences in advanced medicine and longevity, it was amazing to see the growth of genetics. From optimizing weight to hormone balance, detox, and gut health repair we are seeing how it is helping maximize health and save lives. My presentation hopefully will help other physicians provide unprecedented health impacts on memory and cardiovascular health with a natural approach. If you are interested in taking this journey towards ideal health and wellness, please feel free to reach out to us.