When health is your number one concern, you need a physician trained to care for it that way. By definition, an integrative physician incorporates the most cutting-edge practice aimed at prevention as well as treatment.

  • Traditional testing does not find disease until it’s too late:
    With advanced lab testing, we are now able to catch early warning signs and reverse disease processes. This spans from genetic factors to toxin buildup in your system.

  • Allergies and food sensitivities: These start a cascade of problems which can lead to bigger diseases later on through constant inflammation.
    Nutrition: When was the last time a doctor helped cater a diet specific to your needs or assessed your nutrient deficiencies that many Americans have? One of the most important factors in preventing illness encompass good diet and a healthy gut.

  • Mind-body connection: while we can fix a number of issues, we also have to have our mental state on the same page to maximize improvement. This is a big cause for a lack of success in many traditional practices. These aren’t paid enough attention to.

  • Hormone balance: from stress hormones to the hormones that help make us who we are, they all have an influence on each other. In order to be working at your best so do they.

These are a quick summation of what your typical approach to a healthier lifestyle looks like. I recommend it for everyone including all ages because this isn’t just about health, it’s about becoming the best you.