Our unique approach

Dr. Dinetz is an Integrative & Functional Medicine physician focusing on prevention and regenerating health and wellness.  He pursued this after his training in Primary Care when he understood that making great strides for peoples health go beyond the basic care model.  In order to do this required a personalized approach to each individual, not a diagnosis and a matching medication to manage it. In order to rejuvenate health, a comprehensive advanced approach including genetics, nutrient evaluation, uncovering harmful toxins and poor lifestyle habits are a huge component.  Through practice and advanced fellowship he began this journey  and there was no looking back.  This approach begins where only basic care ends.  By focusing on uncovering such risk factors and applying an organic approach to treatment and lifestyle, amazing results are waiting.  This field has been seen as the future of medicine, available today.

With targeting causes that affect our metabolism, we are able to help restore hormone imbalance, immune function and help people reach the pinnacle of wellness by reversing the fundamental causes to many of today’s issues.  As this is his passion, he set out to establish his practice in the Miami area serving Coral Gables to North Miami as well as patients from across the country where he is licensed.  Dr. Dinetz is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.  He received his post graduate training from Mercer University Medical Center where he received certification in Integrative Medicine, then Fellowship in Functional Medicine through the Metabolic Medical Institute and is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine as well.  Here we welcome everyone to live, well. Welcome to Timeless Health.

Please prepare for one hour with Dr. Dinetz.  House calls, after hours, and weekend appointments are available upon request. Don’t worry about wait times or lengthy insurance forms to complete as we are out of network and everyone is a VIP.  This personalized practice provides the ultimate patient experience so please feel free to reach us anytime.